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Krabi Bike Tours Update…

It’s March already and we’re moving quite slow about this Krabi bike tour idea. We just purchased a couple of Trek Hybrid mountain bikes that are excellent for Krabi city riding or even some hard packed dirt trail.

The weather in Krabi is excellent right now – there is little rain and it’s the ideal time of the year for cycling if you’re concerned about rain.

We don’t have a real tour service available right now. If you are interested in renting bicycles in Krabi and want to go explore the waterfall, caves, Buddhist temples, or just cruise down country roads we can give you directions from Krabi to some of the popular spots.

Krabi is located within 4km of the Krabi “countryside”. I know of a nice 20km ride (12 miles), 30km ride (18m) and 60km ride. If you’d like I can tag along and point out some cool things to see – or, explore on your own – up to you.

If you’re renting all day on your own I think we’re going to charge 475 baht per day, each bike. Bikes come with helmets, pump, tire repair kit… if you need help you can always call me and I’ll come find you and fix the tire for you. For a price! lol

There are plenty of motorbike tire repair shops on the well traveled roads and even some of the lesser traveled roads.

If you want to rent for multiple days the price is 300 baht per day. If you want to rent for a month the rate is 5,000b.

If you’re coming to Krabi to bike – let us know! Right now we have 2 Trek hybrids (20 inches which fit most people) and 2 Specialized mountain bikes of 2 different sizes – one small, about 17″ and the other 21″. I might be persuaded to rent out my Gary Fisher if a 5th bike is needed, but you’d have to promise to treat it better than a baby.

Bike rental requires deposit. No, I can’t take your passport because I’m not an expert on the passports of the world. Someone could create a passport on their computer and printer and I’d be fooled. I’ve seen some ragged passports that I can’t believe are real.

Deposit (cash in Thai Baht) is equal to whatever the bike cost so we can replace it immediately if you destroy it, lose it, take it, or someone else steals it. No bike is more than 17,000 baht deposit. Yes, you get the full deposit back unless you damage the bike. Parts are cheap here so unless you bend the frame there won’t be much cost for minor damage.

If you want a guided tour of the beach area in Ao Nang or some other guided tour – you can book a reservation with Krabi Eco Cycle in Noppharat Thara beach – past Ao Nang. I think they’re average tour is about 1,100 baht for a day.


Krabi Countryside Bicycling Photos

Here are some photos we took of Krabi on the 1-day sightseeing bicycle tour.

The Krabi town bike tour is customizable and can range from 20 to just over 50 kilometers (12 to 30+ miles). We’ll work with you to create a ride that includes attractions you want to see.

Currently we have 3 bikes, 2 large and 1 medium sized. We may be able to find more bicycles if you give us some notice – so please, when you know you’re coming drop us an email (see email link at top of page).

Dirt road in Krabi countryside during the stop at a Buddhist temple.

Dirt road in Krabi countryside during the stop at a Buddhist temple.

Krabi lake surrounded by limestone formations. This is where we have lunch during the Krabi 1-day bike tour.

Krabi lake surrounded by limestone formations. This is where we have lunch during the Krabi 1-day bike tour.

See Six Krabi Attractions By Bike in 1-Day

Most Krabi bicyclists don’t sign up for the multi-day mountain bike tours – so we decided to create a 1-day tour that would be the best experience possible on a bike in Thailand.

6 Krabi Attractions in 1-Day Itinerary:

  • Krabi mangroves – an eco project to replant / seed the mangrove areas so they come back to full capacity.
  • Feed the fish in a river.
  • Visit a beautiful country park with lakes and bungalows for rent.
  • Lunch at this park
  • Visit a small Buddhist cave and walk through a short cave to reach the other side of the hill.
  • See another more developed Buddhist temple with diamond sparkle stalactites and jungle setting.
  • Visit Khao Phanom Bencha National Park and see waterfall with many levels. (3 levels reached easily) Park fee 100-200 baht per person extra.
  • Lastly, visit another Buddhist temple and climb the 1,237 steps for a spectacular sunset experience surrounded by 360 degree view of Krabi, Ao Nang, Phi Phi, and more. Or, if you’re too tired to climb all those stairs you can climb only 100 steps and go up into the foothills area and see where monks live in the caves, 1000 year old tree and explore some caves.

Welcome to Krabi Bike Tours!

We provide TREK mountain bikes for visitors to Krabi wanting to explore Krabi’s tropical paradise by bicycle.

Krabi Bike Tours Offers:

  • 1/2 day (4 hours) and full day (9 hours) daily Trek 4300 / 4500 mountain bike rentals.
  • 1/2 Day trips to Huay Toh Waterfall. Includes Buddhist temple cave, and intro to cave exploration.
  • Full day trips to Crystal Pond (Sra Morakot Pool) and multi-level hot spring waterfall.
  • 3-day Overnight trips to Ko Lanta.
  • 5-day Overnight trips to Ko Samui.
  • An English speaking tour guide leads the group. Followed by a pickup truck to transport a rider in case of injury or sickness (on multi day rides).
  • Helmets, water, lunch (if full day or more), bicycle maintenance, and transfers from hotel included.

Prices range from 400 baht for a 1/2 day self-guided tour to 12,900 baht for the 5-day Ko Samui trip.

If you’re interested in one of these please write us (aimforawesome@gmail.com) with the following information:

Tour interested in:

Number of cyclists, age, height of cyclists:

Date desired to book your tour:

Best email to reach you at: