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Please send us email if you are interested in finding out if dates are available for you to book a tour or bike rental. We have 9 bikes at the present, 3 medium sized and 4 larger sized mountain bikes. If children are coming please let us know as we can maybe pick up some children’s bikes for you.


4 responses to “Email Us

  1. I am going to be in Krabi from the 20th of July till the 26th . I am a keen cyclist and want to do some rides .

    Have you SPD pedals on yur Mountain Bikes ?

    As i would want to bring my own shoes .

    • Joern Kellermann

      I am interested in renting a Mountainbike from February 3d until 19th 2016.
      We are a couple from Germany and are planing a bicycle trip through south Thailand in February.
      I will bring my own Mountainbike with me, but for her we need a rented bike.
      She is 1,67 m tall, so 17” should fit.
      She needs a rear rack as well.
      What sort of Mountainbike can you offer and what would be the price?
      Thanks an best regards, Joern

  2. Hi Dale, I believe we connected with you on email. Cheers man!

  3. Raimund Waberski

    I am planning a stay in Krabi starting 30th of January for some days and looking for sophisticated MTB or race bike tours supported by local guides.Are there any possibilities? Please contact me regarding bikes and conditions
    Raimund Waberski

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