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Krabi Bicycle and Camping Tour

We’re considering a new bike tour that incorporates a camping trip along with some long distance (60km/day) biking in the Krabi area. Wondering if people are up for something like this. At the moment there are very few camping trips available in Thailand. Poo Ka Ding – up around Tak in northeastern Thailand has some great camping, but here in the south – we’ve never even seen a brochure about a camping trip in Krabi, Trang, or Phang Nga. Are there any bike-camping trips available?

So, we’re looking at it to see if it’s feasible. One itinerary looks like this:

0900 meet in Krabi town for breakfast
1000 get everyone setup on bikes, explain rules of road, etc.
1100 be on the road traveling toward Phang Nga
1300 lunch
1700 be in Ao Luk and stay overnight in tents near a national park
1830 dinner – eat out
2100 back at tents
0730 breakfast
0830 continue toward Phang Nga
1200 lunch
1330 continue on bikes
1600 arrive in Phang Nga touring caves and kayaking down streams.
1800 dinner
2000 return to Krabi by van/truck

How’s that sound?

The areas we have picked out to see are quite nice – and off the usual tourist track. If we do this trip, the cost per biker will be in the 9,000 THB range ($295) per. We’d likely need a minimum of 4 bikers to run the trip.

If you’re interested in biking, hiking, boating, and exploring Krabi and Phang Nga with an overnight camping excursion in tents thrown in – do let us know.


Krabi Bicycling Tours – Coming in Next Couple Months

We decided after all that we are going to start a bicycling tour businessin Krabi and surrounding areas.

If you are coming to Krabi for vacation and you want to ride some good quality Gary Fisher and Trek bikes as you tour the area – either self-guided, or on our day trip tours.

We are getting things ready to go live within 2 months – we’re planning on, but, it’s possible we get it all together sooner.

If you’re planning on bicycling in Krabi – email us at: thaipulse{[@]} and let us know the dates you’re coming and whether you want to do our set tours or create your own and just rent the bikes.



Mountain Biking in Krabi: Home Base

There is a great little (6-story) hotel, freshly built and right beside Wat Tum Sua (Wat Thum Sua) Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Krabi town near the Big C and Tesco shopping centers.

Recently I saw a bunch of triathlete girls (presumably) using this hotel as a base, and I thought – what a great idea.

The name of the hotel is “Tawantai” mansion. Mansion in Thai means hotel or apartment building.

The rooms are large, newly furnished, safe to stay in and convenient to country roads where you might want to bike. I’m not sure I would run much in this area because of dogs – but, biking fast I’ve always been able to outpace them.

If you need to know where this Tawantai manion is just write me at: and I’ll help you out.

Also, we think my wife is starting a Krabi Tours business so if you need elephant tours, Wat Tum Sua tours, Diving packages, 4 island trips, Waterfall tour, Crystal Lagoon Tour – or anything like this – give me a write at that address, and if we have the TAT license by then we’ll be able to help you out.


Customize Your 1-Day Krabi Bike Tour

To be honest the 1-day bicycle tour that takes you to 6 awesome locations is a long ride and takes a lot of effort to complete – especially if you want to climb to the top of Wat Tum Sua mountain, 1,237 steps high after riding over 30 miles.

We let you fully customize your mountain bike tour.

You tell us what you want to see and we’ll arrange it with the guide. Keep in mind that this is for groups that are coming together. If you want to customize your tour the other riders that are scheduled would have to agree to that. We’ll try to accomplish a match for you. If you wait one day or go one day earlier – being a little flexible about when you ride – you’ll likely be able to dictate how long your ride will be and what Krabi sites you see during the ride.

The waterfall is where the bulk of the cycling mileage comes in. The waterfall is at the end of a 19km (12 mile) country road. That portion of the trip is responsible for about 15 miles of riding. If you skip that section you’ll still see the other 5 attractions. Or, we can add another attraction to the tour – Lang Rong Rian Cave – a small cave that is also down the same country road – but only adds about 8 miles.

I think I’ll need to make up a Krabi bike tour option sheet here so I can explain all the different rides you can choose from.

Or, you can create your own mountain bike tour and just rent the bicycles for a day. We’ll give you a map and leave you to it!

See Six Krabi Attractions By Bike in 1-Day

Most Krabi bicyclists don’t sign up for the multi-day mountain bike tours – so we decided to create a 1-day tour that would be the best experience possible on a bike in Thailand.

6 Krabi Attractions in 1-Day Itinerary:

  • Krabi mangroves – an eco project to replant / seed the mangrove areas so they come back to full capacity.
  • Feed the fish in a river.
  • Visit a beautiful country park with lakes and bungalows for rent.
  • Lunch at this park
  • Visit a small Buddhist cave and walk through a short cave to reach the other side of the hill.
  • See another more developed Buddhist temple with diamond sparkle stalactites and jungle setting.
  • Visit Khao Phanom Bencha National Park and see waterfall with many levels. (3 levels reached easily) Park fee 100-200 baht per person extra.
  • Lastly, visit another Buddhist temple and climb the 1,237 steps for a spectacular sunset experience surrounded by 360 degree view of Krabi, Ao Nang, Phi Phi, and more. Or, if you’re too tired to climb all those stairs you can climb only 100 steps and go up into the foothills area and see where monks live in the caves, 1000 year old tree and explore some caves.

Welcome to Krabi Bike Tours!

We provide TREK mountain bikes for visitors to Krabi wanting to explore Krabi’s tropical paradise by bicycle.

Krabi Bike Tours Offers:

  • 1/2 day (4 hours) and full day (9 hours) daily Trek 4300 / 4500 mountain bike rentals.
  • 1/2 Day trips to Huay Toh Waterfall. Includes Buddhist temple cave, and intro to cave exploration.
  • Full day trips to Crystal Pond (Sra Morakot Pool) and multi-level hot spring waterfall.
  • 3-day Overnight trips to Ko Lanta.
  • 5-day Overnight trips to Ko Samui.
  • An English speaking tour guide leads the group. Followed by a pickup truck to transport a rider in case of injury or sickness (on multi day rides).
  • Helmets, water, lunch (if full day or more), bicycle maintenance, and transfers from hotel included.

Prices range from 400 baht for a 1/2 day self-guided tour to 12,900 baht for the 5-day Ko Samui trip.

If you’re interested in one of these please write us ( with the following information:

Tour interested in:

Number of cyclists, age, height of cyclists:

Date desired to book your tour:

Best email to reach you at: