Krabi Bicycle and Camping Tour

We’re considering a new bike tour that incorporates a camping trip along with some long distance (60km/day) biking in the Krabi area. Wondering if people are up for something like this. At the moment there are very few camping trips available in Thailand. Poo Ka Ding – up around Tak in northeastern Thailand has some great camping, but here in the south – we’ve never even seen a brochure about a camping trip in Krabi, Trang, or Phang Nga. Are there any bike-camping trips available?

So, we’re looking at it to see if it’s feasible. One itinerary looks like this:

0900 meet in Krabi town for breakfast
1000 get everyone setup on bikes, explain rules of road, etc.
1100 be on the road traveling toward Phang Nga
1300 lunch
1700 be in Ao Luk and stay overnight in tents near a national park
1830 dinner – eat out
2100 back at tents
0730 breakfast
0830 continue toward Phang Nga
1200 lunch
1330 continue on bikes
1600 arrive in Phang Nga touring caves and kayaking down streams.
1800 dinner
2000 return to Krabi by van/truck

How’s that sound?

The areas we have picked out to see are quite nice – and off the usual tourist track. If we do this trip, the cost per biker will be in the 9,000 THB range ($295) per. We’d likely need a minimum of 4 bikers to run the trip.

If you’re interested in biking, hiking, boating, and exploring Krabi and Phang Nga with an overnight camping excursion in tents thrown in – do let us know.


2 responses to “Krabi Bicycle and Camping Tour

  1. HI,

    This trip sounds really interesting.. Did it ever go head? Is it currently up and running?

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