Krabi Thailand Mountain Biking on Hold!

We’re not too sure whether we’re going to get this bicycling tour idea off the ground or not – we’re just not sure if there are enough fitness minded people coming to Thailand’s south that want to spend a couple hours or days on the bikes.

There are some BEAUTIFUL areas of Krabi – you can find them in Google images or maps. We have another site – where we try to feature the best areas of Krabi. Maybe you’ve seen it?

One response to “Krabi Thailand Mountain Biking on Hold!

  1. If I didn’t make it clear – we don’t have bicycles to rent out. We created this site as a test to see – are there many people that want to bicycle in southern Thailand? The answer, is no as we found out the last year.

    The new venture is Thailand ebooks and we’re cranking out the hot topics. Don’t miss them (Thailand EBooks (digital books))

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