Are there Many Snakes in Krabi, Thailand?

There are lots of snakes in Thailand – not just Krabi. The entire southern area of Thailand from Bangkok and south has plenty of snake species. In the whole of Thailand there are more than 220 species of snake! Many of those are in the ocean, but still we have over 150 snake species on the ground, underground, and in the trees.

Will We See a Snake On a Bicycling Tour?

No, probably not. Sometimes we might see a snake cross the road or a path, but it’s usually very quick and we probably miss seeing a lot more than we ever see. Rat snakes are very common, as are tree snakes of all kinds so these are non-venomous – and not dangerous snakes for us on bikes. Actually, there is no snake that can be a danger to us on the bikes unless a big python is crossing the road and we don’t see it.

Thing is, WE’LL SEE IT! The big ones are thick or thicker than you leg.

Even IF we ran over a big snake while cycling, the snake would turn quickly but we’d already be gone. It would quickly get off the road in that case.

No problem.

When We Stop for a Break, Will We See Snakes in Krabi?

Probably not. I hate to disappoint, but snakes are not very easy to find in Thailand especially during the daytime. Night time has more snakes our and about since it’s cooler and they can hunt prey that are sleeping or that cannot see them as well as the snakes see the prey.

If we stop at a forest or a waterfall, we have a better chance of seeing a snake and other wildlife like birds, skinks, monitors, lizards, geckos, and so on.

Please don’t worry about whether you’ll see a snake. If you do, it will be a great experience. You’ll have something to tell friends.

Probably you won’t see any snake at all while you’re in Thailand!

More information about Thailand’s Common Snakes >


Krabi Bicycle and Camping Tour

We’re considering a new bike tour that incorporates a camping trip along with some long distance (60km/day) biking in the Krabi area. Wondering if people are up for something like this. At the moment there are very few camping trips available in Thailand. Poo Ka Ding – up around Tak in northeastern Thailand has some great camping, but here in the south – we’ve never even seen a brochure about a camping trip in Krabi, Trang, or Phang Nga. Are there any bike-camping trips available?


Please see our KRABI NATURE website here >

So, we’re looking at it to see if it’s feasible. One itinerary looks like this:

0900 meet in Krabi town for breakfast
1000 get everyone setup on bikes, explain rules of road, etc.
1100 be on the road traveling toward Phang Nga
1300 lunch
1700 be in Ao Luk and stay overnight in tents near a national park
1830 dinner – eat out
2100 back at tents
0730 breakfast
0830 continue toward Phang Nga
1200 lunch
1330 continue on bikes
1600 arrive in Phang Nga touring caves and kayaking down streams.
1800 dinner
2000 return to Krabi by van/truck

How’s that sound?

The areas we have picked out to see are quite nice – and off the usual tourist track. If we do this trip, the cost per biker will be in the 9,000 THB range ($295) per. We’d likely need a minimum of 4 bikers to run the trip.

If you’re interested in biking, hiking, boating, and exploring Krabi and Phang Nga with an overnight camping excursion in tents thrown in – do let us know.

Krabi Bicycling Tours – Coming in Next Couple Months


Please see our KRABI NATURE website here >

We decided after all that we are going to start a bicycling tour businessin Krabi and surrounding areas.

If you are coming to Krabi for vacation and you want to ride some good quality Gary Fisher and Trek bikes as you tour the area – either self-guided, or on our day trip tours.

We are getting things ready to go live within 2 months – we’re planning on, but, it’s possible we get it all together sooner.

If you’re planning on bicycling in Krabi – email us at: thaipulse{[@]} and let us know the dates you’re coming and whether you want to do our set tours or create your own and just rent the bikes.



Krabi Attractions and Other Things to Do – Covered

There are tons of Krabi attractions to cover, and one website is trying to get them reviewed and online for you to help make better decisions about what you’ll be doing in Krabi once you arrive.


Please see our KRABI NATURE website here >

Here is a page that shows Krabi Attractions – and reviews of them, have a look. Check back – the owner says it will be updated soon. Also covered are Krabi hotels, Krabi travel agents, Krabi restaurants, and other reviews from people that live there full-time and have experienced things first-hand.


See Krabi – All Things to Do

There is a killer site called “See Krabi” ( that is listing everything  about Krabi that you could possibly imagine. They have a link for the Eco Bike Tours business in Noppharat Thara as well as all kinds of phone numbers and descriptions of Krabi activities you can enjoy as a visitor or expat living in Krabi. Have a look and tell them Eric sent ya.

Krabi has waterfalls, hot springs, clear spring pools, caves, elephant trekking, biking, Railay Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Koh Phi Phi islands and a lot more. There is probably more to do in Krabi province than the next 3 decent Thailand provinces combined. Oh wait, sorry – I forgot about Phuket. Ok, barring Phuket there is probably more to see and do in Krabi than the next 5 provinces combined. Oh wait, I forgot Bangkok.


Ok, Krabi is the most beautiful province – and my favorite by far. Hands down.

At the moment there is no bike shop in Krabi Town that is renting out mountain or road bikes. There are hotels that rent the cheap $50 bikes you can buy at Tesco – usually for free or all day for 100 baht ($3).

I wish there was another place to refer you to, because I feel your pain. I bought a bike to ride myself because there just was no alternative in Krabi Town.

The site, See Krabi has a lot of things to do in the province of Krabi, Thailand – head over there and see what you can find.

Mountain Biking in Krabi: Home Base

There is a great little (6-story) hotel, freshly built and right beside Wat Tum Sua (Wat Thum Sua) Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Krabi town near the Big C and Tesco shopping centers.

Recently I saw a bunch of triathlete girls (presumably) using this hotel as a base, and I thought – what a great idea.

The name of the hotel is “Tawantai” mansion. Mansion in Thai means hotel or apartment building.

The rooms are large, newly furnished, safe to stay in and convenient to country roads where you might want to bike. I’m not sure I would run much in this area because of dogs – but, biking fast I’ve always been able to outpace them.

If you need to know where this Tawantai manion is just write me at: and I’ll help you out.

Also, we think my wife is starting a Krabi Tours business so if you need elephant tours, Wat Tum Sua tours, Diving packages, 4 island trips, Waterfall tour, Crystal Lagoon Tour – or anything like this – give me a write at that address, and if we have the TAT license by then we’ll be able to help you out.


Krabi Thailand Mountain Biking on Hold!

We’re not too sure whether we’re going to get this bicycling tour idea off the ground or not – we’re just not sure if there are enough fitness minded people coming to Thailand’s south that want to spend a couple hours or days on the bikes.

There are some BEAUTIFUL areas of Krabi – you can find them in Google images or maps. We have another site – where we try to feature the best areas of Krabi. Maybe you’ve seen it?

Krabi Bike Tours Update…

It’s March already and we’re moving quite slow about this Krabi bike tour idea. We just purchased a couple of Trek Hybrid mountain bikes that are excellent for Krabi city riding or even some hard packed dirt trail.

The weather in Krabi is excellent right now – there is little rain and it’s the ideal time of the year for cycling if you’re concerned about rain.

We don’t have a real tour service available right now. If you are interested in renting bicycles in Krabi and want to go explore the waterfall, caves, Buddhist temples, or just cruise down country roads we can give you directions from Krabi to some of the popular spots.

Krabi is located within 4km of the Krabi “countryside”. I know of a nice 20km ride (12 miles), 30km ride (18m) and 60km ride. If you’d like I can tag along and point out some cool things to see – or, explore on your own – up to you.

If you’re renting all day on your own I think we’re going to charge 475 baht per day, each bike. Bikes come with helmets, pump, tire repair kit… if you need help you can always call me and I’ll come find you and fix the tire for you. For a price! lol

There are plenty of motorbike tire repair shops on the well traveled roads and even some of the lesser traveled roads.

If you want to rent for multiple days the price is 300 baht per day. If you want to rent for a month the rate is 5,000b.

If you’re coming to Krabi to bike – let us know! Right now we have 2 Trek hybrids (20 inches which fit most people) and 2 Specialized mountain bikes of 2 different sizes – one small, about 17″ and the other 21″. I might be persuaded to rent out my Gary Fisher if a 5th bike is needed, but you’d have to promise to treat it better than a baby.

Bike rental requires deposit. No, I can’t take your passport because I’m not an expert on the passports of the world. Someone could create a passport on their computer and printer and I’d be fooled. I’ve seen some ragged passports that I can’t believe are real.

Deposit (cash in Thai Baht) is equal to whatever the bike cost so we can replace it immediately if you destroy it, lose it, take it, or someone else steals it. No bike is more than 17,000 baht deposit. Yes, you get the full deposit back unless you damage the bike. Parts are cheap here so unless you bend the frame there won’t be much cost for minor damage.

If you want a guided tour of the beach area in Ao Nang or some other guided tour – you can book a reservation with Krabi Eco Cycle in Noppharat Thara beach – past Ao Nang. I think they’re average tour is about 1,100 baht for a day.

Krabi Countryside Bicycling Photos


Please see our KRABI NATURE website here >

Here are some photos we took of Krabi on the 1-day sightseeing bicycle tour.

The Krabi town bike tour is customizable and can range from 20 to just over 50 kilometers (12 to 30+ miles). We’ll work with you to create a ride that includes attractions you want to see.

Currently we have 3 bikes, 2 large and 1 medium sized. We may be able to find more bicycles if you give us some notice – so please, when you know you’re coming drop us an email (see email link at top of page).

Dirt road in Krabi countryside during the stop at a Buddhist temple.
Dirt road in Krabi countryside during the stop at a Buddhist temple.
Krabi lake surrounded by limestone formations. This is where we have lunch during the Krabi 1-day bike tour.
Krabi lake surrounded by limestone formations. This is where we have lunch during the Krabi 1-day bike tour.

Customize Your 1-Day Krabi Bike Tour

To be honest the 1-day bicycle tour that takes you to 6 awesome locations is a long ride and takes a lot of effort to complete – especially if you want to climb to the top of Wat Tum Sua mountain, 1,237 steps high after riding over 30 miles.

We let you fully customize your mountain bike tour.

You tell us what you want to see and we’ll arrange it with the guide. Keep in mind that this is for groups that are coming together. If you want to customize your tour the other riders that are scheduled would have to agree to that. We’ll try to accomplish a match for you. If you wait one day or go one day earlier – being a little flexible about when you ride – you’ll likely be able to dictate how long your ride will be and what Krabi sites you see during the ride.

The waterfall is where the bulk of the cycling mileage comes in. The waterfall is at the end of a 19km (12 mile) country road. That portion of the trip is responsible for about 15 miles of riding. If you skip that section you’ll still see the other 5 attractions. Or, we can add another attraction to the tour – Lang Rong Rian Cave – a small cave that is also down the same country road – but only adds about 8 miles.

I think I’ll need to make up a Krabi bike tour option sheet here so I can explain all the different rides you can choose from.

Or, you can create your own mountain bike tour and just rent the bicycles for a day. We’ll give you a map and leave you to it!